Sunday, January 8, 2017

"COIN HEIST" Movie Now Available on Netflix!

COIN HEIST, based on the YA novel by Elisa Ludwig, is now available to stream on Netflix
The last place you'd expect to find a team of criminals is at a prestigious Philadelphia prep school. But on a class trip to the U.S. Mint - which prints a million new coins every 30 minute - an overlooked security flaw becomes far too tempting for a small group of students to ignore.

Untied by dire circumstances, these unlikely allies - the nerd, the slacker, the athlete, and the perfect student - band together to attempt the impossible: rob the U.S. Mint. This diverse crew is forced to confront their true beliefs about each other and themselves as they do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Elisa Ludwig's COIN HEIST is a fun, suspenseful and compelling thriller, told from the revolving perspectives of four teens, each with their own motive for committing a crime that will change all of their lives - if they can pull it off. 

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Publisher: Adaptive Books
Publication Date: 11/15/16
Edition Description: Movie Tie-In
Pages: 304


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