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Review (20): Death by Bikini

Death by Bikini
by Linda Gerber

Series: Death By Mystery, #1
Other Reviewed Titles: None
Release Date: May 15, 2008
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Pages: 240
Source: Purchased
Challenge: 2012 OTS
Author Website:
A bikini can be very dangerous.

Aphra Behn Connolly has the type of life most teenage girls envy. She lives on a tropical island and spends most of her time eavesdropping on the rich and famous. The problem is that her family's secluded luxury resort allows few opportunities for her to make friends -- much less to meet cute boys. So when a smoldering Seth Mulo unexpectedly arrives with his parents, she’s immediately drawn to him. Then a girl turns up dead on the beach -- the strings of her bikini top tight around her neck -- and alarm bells sound. What exactly are Seth and his family hiding? And is it too great a coincidence that they turned up just one day before a murder? As the plot thickens, Aphra finds that danger lurks behind even the most unexpected of faces....

This book had mystery, suspense, some espionage, and even a little romance, but as mystery novels go, this one was pretty predictable. I figured out most of what there was to know in the first 20 pages of the book, yet that did not stop me from wanting to continue reading because just as I thought I had everything figured out, there was a new twist to throw me off the trail. What kept my interest the most was the mystery behind the Mulo family which I found more compelling then the actual murder mystery aspect of the plot. It wasn’t too fast paced which was great, but it was a very fast read.

Characters: The characters were great and I really liked both Aphra and Seth. Aphra has this fearlessness to her that is uncommon in 16 year olds, she is willing to endanger herself in order to save the lives of almost complete strangers. Seth was sweet, charming, and also a bit fearless. Aprha and him are constantly saving each other. I feel bad for both of them because all they want is to be normal teenagers which is nearly impossible because one is constantly on the run while the other lives on a secluded island away from everything and everyone. I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes, or if it goes anywhere at all.

Cover: The cover is cute and I really like how the bikini parts are cut out so that the page underneath can be seen. The pictures on the bottom include a gun, fan, sunglasses and palm trees which tie in a lot better than just having a random bikini on the cover.

Overall Impression: When I picked this book up I was looking for a quick, fun read and that is exactly what I got. If you want something short to pass the time on a long flight or car ride, this is the book for you.
Rating: * * * * 

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