Friday, May 22, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday (32) / Friday 56 (1)

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This weeks question is: 
"How do you write your reviews?"

I answered: 
I always start off with my own synopsis and after that I don't really have a set way of writing my reviews. I take notes as I go to remember key things I want to say and I pretty much just talk about what I like and what I don't about whatever book I am reviewing. I've noticed I focus a lot on the characters because to me the characters are one of the most important aspects of a book; they can honestly make or break it for me. My biggest concern when writing a review is probably making sure I don't Other than that, I just try to be as truthful with my opinion as possible and try to highlight the best parts even if I end up not liking the book overall.

What about you? Leave your answer to this weeks question in the comments below.

The Friday 56 is a meme hosted by Frida's Voice. Basically you flip to page 56 (or 56% in your eReader) of any book and post a sentence or two (more if you want) from that page without being too spoiler-y. This gives us a glimpse into what you are reading or have read, and may even prompt us to add your book to our TBR piles!

My teaser:
“Two chimes from the clock ring through the room, and I jump in surprise. That means they were exposed around noon. Correction, I exposed them around noon.”

Excerpt From: Megan Carney. “Sarina, Sweetheart.”


  1. I've evolved a lot in how I write reviews. I used to include way too much information, basically relating almost the entire story and leaving nothing to be discovered for oneself. A good review is kind of like a query letter, telling us just enough to want to read more, and raising questions about what's going to happen.

    My FFF

    1. Very true. I try to not give too much away but I think a short synopsis or blurb at the beginning of reviews is helpful.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi, and nice to meet you, Joana! I'm pretty much like you -- characters are VERY important to me. If a book has weak characters, or characters who do not act in a consistent manner, according to the personalities established by the author at the beginning of the book, I will definitely stop reading. Believable characterization is a very basic, important skill for an author to have.

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  3. Thank you for replying on my blog! New follower on Bloglovin!

  4. Hi, sounds interesting, thanks for commenting on Kyrosmagica, good to link up with other bookish souls.

  5. I have a hard time trying not to ramble as well haha :)

  6. Nice! I might be a rambler as well in my reviews, but it's usually due to excitement and love for the book!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  7. I find that I have to enjoy the characters as well for the book to be a right fit. Thanks for visiting my blog. I followed you back :)

  8. I wish I was organized enough to take notes! Have a wonderful weekend. My FF

  9. I take notes too, otherwise I'd forget all about the points I wanted to make! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Claire @ Book Blog Bird

  10. It's characters and pacing that are my top two things I look for I think. If those don't work, then the story most times doesn't work for me. I am so bad at taking note though, and I really have to learn to be better at that! (Followed on blogovin')

  11. We definitely have the same process! haha :)
    I'm always wary about rambling and usually focus on the characters more too.

    Thanks for following! I'm already following on Bloglovin' & followed on Twitter. :)

  12. I've seen a few people this morning that take notes while reading, I've never done that but it might be something I need to start doing. I usually have to re-read somethings to help me remember a few things I want to say. Old GFC Follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

  13. Thanks for visiting! I'm following your lovely blog using Feedly. Have a great weekend!

  14. I should probably take more notes as I go. I forget half the things I want to say. But I also don't always write reviews right away (I know, I'm the worst!)

    Thanks for visiting my FF, following back.

    Kat @ Readiculous Blog

  15. I try to discuss the characters a lot, as they can make or break a book. They are so incredibly important. New follower!

    Lizzie @

  16. Thank you for following me and your comment! I'm usually afraid I'm rambling too sometimes :D
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  17. I'm such a perfectionist that it takes me a while to think of what to write and then I just hope that I can get it down the way I had it in my head.

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    Oh, and here's my F56/Book Beginnings for The Consequence of Loving Colton if you want to check it out too:

  18. Exposed? Who and what?? Good 56!!
    Happy weekend!

  19. I'm really bad at rambling in my reviews or at the very least gushing when I love the book ;)

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  20. Sometime I take a notes too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  21. We have a similar approach to reviewing, but I've actually never tried taking notes while reading a book before. I'm going to have to try it though and see how it affects my reviewing. New follower in bloglovin, by the way! :D

  22. I agree that characters can make or break a book. And note-taking is really helpful but I don't do it often. Haha!
    Followed you via GFC :)

  23. I would have to say that my biggest challenge is avoiding the rambles too ha ha! How could you not though? Especially when it is one of those books that leaves an impression :) Old follower!

  24. Nice response :D I usually just write my reviews with no set format (other then book picture, author name, publisher, synopsis etc). I wish I was more planned though sometimes.

    nice response, new GFC & Bloglovin follower.

    Maura @

  25. Taking notes is a great idea! Thank you for stopping by. :)
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  26. I always write a lot about characters too. They're definitely a huge factor in loving or hating a book. Thanks for stopping by my blog. New follower!

  27. I'm with you I like to be honest in my reviews as that's really important to me without (hopefully) offending the author.
    Old bloglovin follower.
    Happy weekend.

  28. It kills me when a book's characters aren't developed enough to my liking! I also think it's important to be honest in reviews; even though I hate to be negative about an author's work, I think it's a disservice to readers to struggle to find only positive aspects of a book.

    Old Bloglovin' follower; new Twitter follower! :)

  29. It seems that many people struggle with not ramble in their reviews. I do too but most of the time I just go with it. I think it shows that the book really struck a nerve be it good or bad. Thanks for stopping by my My FF
    Bunnita @ Worth Reading It?

  30. Great answer! I've been known to ramble quiet a bit in my reviews, sometimes its hard not too Lol

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  31. I wonder how exposed? Great choice for your 56!

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  32. I worry about rambling too! Thanks for stopping by our blog.
    Old GFC follower :)

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  33. I always end up rambling especially if I really like a book. i just can't break the habit.
    Thanks for visiting.

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