Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (12)

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a meme hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases we can not wait to read! This meme is the perfect way to add books to your TBR list. Along with upcoming releases, I sometimes include books that I have not had the chance to read or buy even if they have already come out. 

The book I am anxiously awaiting is...

Title: Between the Lines
Author: Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer
Release Date: June 26, 2012

What happens when happily ever after…isn’t?

Delilah is a bit of a loner who prefers spending her time in the school library with her head in a book—one book in particular. Between the Lines may be a fairy tale, but it feels real. Prince Oliver is brave, adventurous, and loving. He really speaks to Delilah.

And then one day Oliver actually speaks to her. Turns out, Oliver is more than a one-dimensional storybook prince. He’s a restless teen who feels trapped by his literary existence and hates that his entire life is predetermined. He’s sure there’s more for him out there in the real world, and Delilah might just be his key to freedom.

Delilah and Oliver work together to attempt to get Oliver out of his book, a challenging task that forces them to examine their perceptions of fate, the world, and their places in it. And as their attraction to each other grows along the way, a romance blossoms that is anything but a fairy tale.

I've only read one book by Jodi (Change of Heart), but I loved it and can't wait to see what she does with this one for teens. I'll definitely be picking it up!


  1. I have about three Jodi Picoult books sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I used to LOVE her books but I've been so into fantasy lately it's so hard to pick them back up. Once I get through those though I think I'll check this one out too cause it sounds interesting (:

    - Kim
    My WoW

  2. Oh yay! I can't wait for this one either!! She's actually coming to St. Louis that Friday after its release! Likely won't have the book done by then since I'll be on vacation once it releases!

    But still! Super excited all the same! To read it and meet one of the authors!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Sad to say I still haven't read anything by Jodi Picoult! I have to read this one!

    My WoW picks

    We Fancy Books

  4. I have a secret: I have never read anything by Jodi. Methinks I really should, yes? Perhaps even starting with this one! :D

    My WoW

  5. I can't even begin to describe how I want to read this!

    Here's my WoW, and new follower here! ;)

  6. Great pick! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't read anything by this author yet.

    Sad! Thanks for reminding me I need to.

    Check out my Waiting on Wednesday here.

    ~Danica Page
    Taking It One Page at a Time

  7. I just participated in an ARC tour for this book. It was really good. Great pick.

    Ellen @ Always YA at Heart – My WoW

  8. This one sounds really good, I'll have to add it to my list. I haven't read anything by Jodi...but that's because I heard about My Sister's Keeper and it seemed a bit too sad for me.


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