Friday, July 10, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday (38) / Friday 56 (7)

Feature & Follow Friday is a meme hosted by Parajunkiee's View & Alison Can Read. Check out their blogs and the two Featured Bloggers of the week! This is great for finding amazing new blogs to follow and for gaining followers yourself!

This weeks question is: 
You can only eat one cuisine type for the rest of your life. Which would you choose?

I answered: 
Mexican food. Oh my god, how I love Mexican food! It seems to be the only thing I crave and it's always what I suggest when my friends want to eat out--to the point where they don't even ask me anymore, they just assume that's what I want. lol

What about you? Leave your answer to this weeks question in the comments below.

The Friday 56 is a meme hosted by Freda's Voice. Basically you flip to page 56 (or 56% in your eReader) of any book and post a sentence or two (more if you want) from that page without being too spoiler-y. This gives us a glimpse into what you are reading or have read, and may even prompt us to add your book to our TBR piles!

My teaser:
She was quiet for a moment, and then she walked right up to the glass and leaned her forehead against it. I hung back, but then she grabbed my T-shirt and pulled me forward. I didn't want out collective weight against a single pane of glass, but she kept pulling me forward, and I could feel her balled fist in my side, and finally I put my head against the glass as gently as possible and looked around.
Excerpt From: John Green. “Paper Towns.”


  1. Mexican is a fabulous choice, and I choose that one quite often when I go out to eat.

  2. Sounds exotic! Do check out my FF:

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  3. Nice! I love Mexican too, but like with all my other food tastes, I'm rather simple! LOL! We have a favorite Mexican restaurant near us and I order the same thing every time! A chicken quesdilla! Which just has chicken and cheese. But I like adding salsa too it and that's it! Also that's it because I fill up on chips and salsa!! LOL!

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    Have a GREAT day!

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  4. I would hate to have to limit myself to one kind of food. I like Mexican, Chinese, and Italian. Of course, I also like good old American steaks and burgers too. My YA BB and 56 come from Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson. Happy reading!

  5. If I could only eat one food, it'd be Indian. YUM!
    Paper Towns is a book I'd like to read. Looks super sweet!
    Happy weekend!

  6. I absolutely love Mexican food as well but I choose Italian because I just love there pastas and soups a lot more plus I love going to Olive Garden. Thank you for following me and stopping by my blog! :) New Follower on Bloglovin & GFC

  7. Mexican food is so good! I definitely agree with you on that one. Thanks for the follow and visiting my blog.
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    Blue Books and Butterflies

  8. Yep. No contest. It's so good! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  9. I might be getting Mexican food tomorrow for lunch! It's just SO good! :P I followed you back!

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  10. Such a hard question, I like a variety of foods. I guess I would go with American.

    Paper Towns looks interesting, I have read some of John Green and I hope to read more of his work. Happy Friday!
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  11. Mexican for me too! I love all of it. LOL Paper Towns has been recommended to me. Thinking about reading it:)
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  12. I love Mexican food too! However, I chose Italian food because I can't live without pizza and pasta. I'm a new bloglovin follower.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  13. I would go with Chinese.
    Paper Towns look like an interesting read. I hope you are enjoying it. Here is my Friday 56

  14. This is my favorite John Green book. I'm looking forward to the movie adaptation. :)

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  15. I chose Mexican too, it was an easy choice considering I live in Mexico City, so theres obviously an abundance of Mexican food:)
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    Paulina @ The Little Book Pixie

  16. I like Mexican, but spices don't sit very well with me. I like quesadillas though, plain ones like chicken and cheese ones. Those I looooove!
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    Kar @ Pause Time


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